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deviation in storage by seisei



Ro looked at the stars. He sighed. He couldn’t be happier that everything was over. Well, more or less. It was a few weeks after the coronation: in those weeks, he had hardly had time for himself, or for Hazina. But from the looks of it, things were finally calming down.

He had been forced to handle the royals (seriously, some of his nephews were nags!) Where was Kay when he needed him? Kay had disappeared, avoiding all the royal stuff.

The big lion looked at the cave, and started walking towards it. Would Hazina be home before him? He hoped so… If the Royals didn’t stop pestering her .. He growled slightly, and sighed.

When he entered the cave, at first, he couldn’t see. So he whispered: “Hazina?”

He squinted his eyes, trying to find her. Hardly a second after he said her name, he could see a pair of stars shining in the cave. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkled like the stars outside.

“Good evening.”
“Good evening my love.” He replied to her.

“Let me guess, another terrible day between those puffed up Royals.”

He grinned.

“How did you know?” He said with his voice dripping of irony. He really was starting to dislike the royals. “I have a good idea. Let’s make all the royals commoners.”

He sighed. “No more of that political babble … I can’t wait for the more normal stuff, like going back on patrols. Or dealing with normal things, like the problems between the commoners, or making sure the rules are followed.”

He let himself drop down next to Hazina. He nuzzled her. “Maybe I should go hunting with you. Spend a whole day listening to you, taking orders from you.” Playfully, he put paw over Hazina’s paw.

“Ow, but I am not sure if you can handle …. my commands.” She said before she pushed him over on his back.

“I drag bigger prey then you to the ground.”

Hazina pushed him over, and he gladly just played along, rolling over on his back.

“Ow, but I am not sure if you can handle …. my commands.”

He laughed. “A lightweight like you?” Ro teased her.

“I can drag biggers preys then me over the ground. Not impressive, my dear.”

He kept rolling, pulling Hazina over his belly, making her balance shift so she would be hanging over him, instead of pinning him down.

“See, too light.” He tried to hold her in that position; She could get out if she wanted, he knew.

He laughed, and was shushed by some lion walking by. Probably a mom with a sleepless kid.

Ro giggled, and teasingly bit in her ear.

“It seems I am mastered …” She said with a pur. “Now, what are you gonna do with your lady?”

Suddenly, he felt like this was .. a different kind of play. He smiled - this kind of play was welcome … “Well …” He playfully said. “Maybe I should try to use this to my advantage and flip around.”

He moved his balance a little - “My Lady … “ He softly licked her, before carefully flipping their positions.
Can you feel the love tonight ...
King Rhoakoch and Queen Hazina are singing "Can you feel the love tonight" :eyes:

BABIES! Ro loves kids, but his Uncle Rhostight doesn't ...

Isn't it cute! Hazina and Ro!

Time for some Royal games ... => Hazina's POV ^^
Wild pride: The Rise of King Rhoakoch by Nixly
Wild pride: The Rise of King Rhoakoch
Be Prepared => Previous
The rise of a new Queen => Hazina's part

Bullet; Black Quest 2: (required number of Pictures: 1)
Cubs born in the Lakelands are taught to follow what they feel they are best in. Show us your lion teaching some cubs with similar interests, what they could become, once they are adults. Is it being a brave knight? Is it teaching about the use of herbs? Is it lore? Is it discovering new things? Show us your lion being a good or bad role-model.

Rhoakoch becoming king - That is not what he feels best in, but it is what he has been called to do, and hopefully will be good at! It is a role he needs to grow in.

Ro felt strange. For as long as he could, he avoided this.
But now it was happening … he felt sadness. Seeing his father, Clacwar, roar for the last time ..
Since when did his father lose so much of his roar? And his mother? And since when did they .. lose the spring in their walk?

Ro felt tears in his eyes. When did his parents turn into … old lions?
He swallowed, and realized his was his fault. He refused to take the throne for so long…
He sighed. The sunset was passing, and the lions celebrated - they celebrated the end of an area, of a good king and queen.
And the rise of a new king and queen. If they would be accepted.

Rhoakoch smiled, did what he hated, he did politics. He wondered what Kay was doing, his nephew … As a royal, he should be here, but he was probably patrolling - to escape this.
He walked back at Hazina. “Are you okay?” This wasn’t an easy evening, for either of them.

 Hazina nodded.
“It’s … strange to see such things.”
“And you?”

Hazina, his mate, looked at him with a strange look at his face. She seemed to find this rather odd. He couldn’t disagree really.

He saw the crowd talking; he could hear some of them.
Most didn’t reject him as king, trough some did agree he had to step up a bit more … But he had been on his best behavior lately, and most found the change good enough to support him. But about Hazina … He wondered if they would accept her. Some were rather positive towards her: it wasn’t the first time a lioness from another pride joined them. Other taught a harem girl wasn’t fit to become queen. Ro let his mind maul on that for a bit. They would just have to accept her.
She was his mate, making her queen!

“Well … I’m .. alright I guess. I can’t wait for this to be over, to tell you the truth. This hole thing … I hope the sun rises soon.”
Ro stepped forward, looking around, into the crowd. He was glad to see Lady Fawn, the first knight walk around.

“We need to appear as a strong pair, not just for our own pride, but even more for the neighboring prides.”
He looked at the ground for a brief moment, and then rose up to look at the crowd again.
He stood determined. He couldn’t fail. Not now. Now, it mattered.

Hazina stood up for her place and crawled under his chin, purring softly.
‘We will ...’ she purred before she sat down again.

Ro smiled, purring slightly as Hazina came closer. He nuzzled her, filled with happiness over being so lucky to have such a gentle and sweet mate.

Hours passed, the parties fell to only soft song that were dragged by the wind.
The Royals had gathered around the rock, having their cubs sleeping between the paws. The other were sitting behind them, all looking in the direction of where the sun would rise.
They waited for the sunrise. Ro couldn’t help sighing as the sun started to show itself again.
“Ro …”  Hazina called him. She was so much better fit for this then him! He stood up. With a gentle look, he looked at her. “I am sorry, for everything I am putting you through. I wished to give you a carefree life, but I have failed at that. I love you for staying with me, neverless.” He gently licked her nose, and then faced forward, to walk out of the cave, determined to give out the roar. 
Hazina softly sighed but smiled, urging him to go forward.

As Ro walked forward, he greeted his parents - and the many royals. He could hardly see the commoners behind them. They should be seeing him, as much as the royals were, he annoyingly though.

As he stood in front of them, he inhaled. He looked at Hazina, one last time, before letting out a fierce big roar…

A second of silence before the Royals roared back, accepting him as King.

Ro smiled, he could see his parents look proudly at him. Even with all that trouble, he was doing the right thing on the right moment now. After his roar, he was relieved and glad to hear so many of the royals did support him. He was accepted as king. He did feel proud.
Hazina followed him, to make her own roar. She briefly touched him, before she roared. Knowing she feared how the royals would react, he puffed himself up a little, to remind them she was his mate, and the best queen therefore.
As her roar ended, he smiled at her, briefly looking at her before looking at the royals, waiting for their reaction.

Hazina (c) Jian89
Rhoakoch (c) Forget-Me-Not-Fields / Nixly

He was pacing around, nervous and scared.

How was he going to tell Hazina, he had to become king?

The situation was to unstable, the Lakelands needed a new king, strong, to defend the pride!

He really wasn’t the best soothed to become king.. maybe as a second son, he would have done better. But he wasn’t. No, he wasn’t even the second son. He didn’t even know how many older brother he had, but that didn’t matter. He was the only one - alive.

He had to do it.

He walked towards Hazina. She was alone; she didn’t seem to get along that well with some of the royals .. He’d heard some rumors fly around, but that wasn’t something he had time for at the moment.

“Hazina, my love?”

He looked at her, with sad eyes. This wasn’t something on her mind either. The patrols hadn’t found Changa … And now, he had to ask her to be strong for a pride, while she was worried about her son. He swallowed. “Do you have a moment time for me?”


“Yes?” She replied, afraid of what she would hear. 

Ro cleared his throat.

He hated doing his. Just .. didn’t care. Hazina was the first lioness not to look at him as a prince, but as a lion. As who he was.

And now, he dragged her into being .. saddled with a title, just like him.

He sighed - again.

“Hazina ..”

He sat down.

“My father … He’s ..” He sighed again.

“My father can’t be King any longer. The pride .. needs a stronger king.”

He looked at her, with sad eyes. He was a huge, big lion, his size alone often impressed others.

“I.. I.” Ro choked up. If he became king, that meant Hazina would become Queen.

“I have to .. replace my father. I need to become king.”

He looked at her, afraid of her answer.


“And that isn’t good news?” Hazina said with a small grin.

“Come on Ro, you were born for this, raised for it. You knew it would come one day.

Why so sad?”

Ro was surprised.

“Well … In a way I guess.”

He smiled and gave her a small kiss.

“Thank you. You are just what I need!”

“I know… it’s just that this means we both have to become king and queen … it has a ceremony … and then you have to take care of the hunting teams … make sure they follow the rules .. I wanted to give you a carefree life …”


“I will follow you, everywhere and do what you ask. I only hope that your pride shall also follow that direction.”

The lion in to many colors sighed. “I heard a rumor, but I didn’t think much of it. They act like it’s the first time a lioness from a different pride joins the Lakeland pride.” He rolled his eyes.

“I’m going to try and get support for the ceremony … I’ll make sure to mention you.”


 “I’ll shall walk around as well … Not all of them are gonna be against me, do they?”

“Of course not! Who could hate such a beauty as you?”

“Don’t worry, I can also bite.” 

It wouldn’t hurt if she tried herself to get support, but he know she was worried about Changa.

Honestly, Rhoakoch didn’t understand the reactions of some of the pride members.

“If they really make a fuss, let me know..” Ro looked a bit annoyed - he wasn’t very fond of the idea that the others in the pride didn’t approve of his perfect girl.

The big lion let himself crash down. “I’m not looking forward to this. Did you hear that the other prides are getting ready for war?”


“Rumor come and go …” Hazina said softly.

“I heard so many … and what comes that comes. There is nothing that is gonna stop that.”

“I hope so..”

Be Prepared
Be prepared => Hazina's part
more a rogue than a kings son =>Previous

Rhoakoch's part on preparing to become king!
He's not really looking forward to it .. but he will do what he thinks is best!

Hazina (c) Jian89
Rhoakoch (c) Forget-Me-Not-Fields 
ref from TLK2
Wild Pride: Rhoakoch - Quest 1 by Nixly
Wild Pride: Rhoakoch - Quest 1
Bullet; Black Quest 1: (required number of Pictures: 1)
The Lakelands are known to be a great place to live, their is almost always plenty of food and water, so the lions living here can often go about their personal hobbies or enjoy leisure time. Show us what your lion does for a hobby. Maybe it's sparring, maybe training hunting techniques, maybe drawing on tree trunks with the juice of fruits? Sing? Dance? Or just hang around being lazy, here every lion can do what they please.

Rhoakoch is a lazy lion. He loves sleeping a pool of water most of all!
Rhoakoch is becoming King ... And he's never really behaved like a good crown prince, so how does your char feel about him becoming king? 

Do you support him?

more a rogue than a kings son by Nixly

Do you support his choice of mate?
Lakelanders are celebrating .. or not XDThe Lakelands have a new King and Queen :la:
Either you like it or not :p So time to show us your voice and your supports :D
involving pictures

The Lakeland Pride is having some shifts! Let me know how your char feels!


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I photograph in my free time, and I know, I'm not good. Don't have a good camera either.
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