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Inspired by Ikiuni (see hers Here)

You can find more about Nuzlocke and all the rules here

:star: My Nuzlocke Rules! :star:

1. Nickname any Pokemon you catch.
2. If it faints, it dies! It must be released! (or put in the RIP Box)
3. Can only catch the first Pokemon encounter in each new area. If the game makes a new box pop up, it's a new area. 
4. Gift Pokemon may be kept, and only wonder trades allowed. May only wonder trade a Pokemon once - if you got it, you're stuck with it!
5. Rule nr 1 is invalid if the Pokemon is Shiny or Legendary. Legendaries must be imminently put in the Pokemon bank (what? I want a complete pokedex in Pokemon X :XD:)

:star: My Nuzlocke Adventure! :star:

So, Let's get started to explore the Kalos region! :la:
My Char is called Nixly, and I made her a black-haired girl! I'll be drawing her later on ;)

:star: Aquacorde Town :star:
I chose Froakie (cause I had a Fennekin in X)
I'm naming him Sapo, that is Spanish for toad!
Nixly is loving the fact you can run without needing to go trough an annoying long intro :XD:

Current Pokemon team:
-Sapo♂ lvl 5 - 6

:star: Route 2 :star:
And our first pokemon encounter is .... Pidgey!
After one attack, I toss a pokeball and ... I caught him!
I'm naming him Pajaro, spanish for bird!
I stick around on this route till everybody is lvl 7!

Current Pokemon Team:
-Sapo♂ lvl 6 - 8
-Pajaro♂ lvl 3 - 7

:star: Santalune Forest :star:
Next pokemon for the team ... And it's ....
Damnit, I would have preferred Scatterbug. I'm going all first gen here!
Ow well, I catch it, it's male, and I name it Oruga, which is Spanish for Caterpillar. 
Welcome Oruga! Let's get you some training! And while I'm training Oruga's level up, I'm also working with Pajaro & Sapo in the Pokemon-Amie.

While training Oruga, I run into a pikachu, and quick realize I'm in big trouble! With Pajaro & Sapo being very weak towards Pikachu's Thunder Shock, and with Oruga losing health like a pro, I have to run away from the pikachu, and hope I get away!
Luckily, Pikachu lets me run, and I'm save for now!

I keep training with Oruga, and after what seems forever, I finally evolve Oruga into Metapod!
I now also start Super Training! After in intro, I go back into training Oruga again. He's finally getting a little stronger.

I keep training, and notice all my Pokemon are suddenly getting like a lot of EXP. They caught Pokemon RUS! Time for some grinding! 
With my team all trained, I'm leaving for Route 3!

Current Pokemon Team:
-Sapo♂ lvl 8 - 9
-Pajaro♂ lvl 7 - 9
-Oruga♂ lvl 3 - 9

:star: Route 3 :star:
Okay, I can officially catch a new Pokemon! 
However, I'm starting with more training :XD: I'm beating up little kids!
I went into the grass and .... a Fletchling?
A com'on! I already have a flying type!
Guess I can't help it ... Alright, staying weak to electric attack apparently!
And another guy? :XD:
Can't be helped! Petirrojo Joins the team! Petirrojo is Spanish for Robin ^^

Some training till everybody has the same lvl, and finally evolving Oruga into butterfree!
Played around some more with the pokemon-amie; everybody now has 3 or 4 hearts (of the 5 hearts)

Current Pokemon Team:
-Sapo♂ lvl  9 - 10
-Pajaro♂ lvl 9 - 10
-Oruga♂ lvl 9 - 10
-Petirrojo♂ lvl 5 -10

:star: Santalune City :star:
The one good thing about having 2 flying types, is facing a gym that uses bug types :XD:
It came close, and I had to use a potion for both Pajaro and Petirrojo, but both won their battle!

Current Pokemon Team:
-Sapo♂ lvl 10
-Pajaro♂ lvl 10 - 13
-Oruga♂ lvl 10
-Petirrojo♂ lvl 10 - 11

:star: Route 4 :star:
New Pokemon for Nixly! :la:
And it's a .... Flabébé! One with a red flower ^^
Finally, the first female Pokemon on the team! Naming her Hada, Spanish for Fairy or Sprite!

Glad We got the first female on the team! It was getting quite testoteron loaded here, and Pajaro & Petirrojo were fighting for Nixly's attention ... a new team member will do them well! :D
Man, I hate fighting todlers! Most trow tantrums about losing ... But yea, moving on! Sapo and I are really close: we're best friends! Made it to 5 stars!
Hada is struggling to fit in, but at we are bonding. Oruga nearly poisoned Petirrojo last, fiery little bird! Sapo's turning out to be quite the force in battles were he's got the disadvantage! He's won quite a few of those. 

Hada is showing herself to be quite the team member! She defeats several Pokemon of higher lvl, even if some are close calls! 

Current Pokemon Team:
-Sapo♂ lvl 10 - 13
-Pajaro♂ lvl 13 - 15
-Oruga♂ lvl 10 - 13
-Petirrojo♂ lvl 11 - 14
-Hada♀  lvl 6 - 11

:star: Lumiose City :star:
And then we get to Lumiose City!
I get invited to the prof's lab, and he asks to battle me. Like he said, he's a piece of cake. After the battle, he offers me one of the Pokemon.
I pick Charmander; and I'm very surprised to notice I finally have 2end female team member! This gentle lizard is named Lagartija, Spanish for Lizard!
For the first time, I finally own 6 Pokemon!

Current Pokemon Team:
-Sapo♂ lvl 13 - 14
-Pajaro♂ lvl 15
-Oruga♂ lvl 13
-Petirrojo♂ lvl 14
-Hada♀  lvl 11
-Lagartija ♀ lvl 10

:star: Route 5 :star:
Time to catch a new pokemon!
And we encounter ... Bunnelby!
I'm calling him Conejo, witch means rabbit in Spanish.

Training both him and Lagartija. Lagartija gets a critical hit, and goes from green health to instant death ...
Training Conejo more carefully ... Don't want to loose my new team member!
Conejo's abiltiy is pickup, one I love :XD: Items!

I become BBF's with Pajaro.
During training, Sapo evolves into Frogadier!
After more training, Pajaro evolves into Pidgeotto!
Pajaro is picking on Petirrojo massively. So I focus my training on Petirrojo. 
After some more training, Petirrojo evolves into Fletchinder.

Current Pokemon Team:
-Sapo♂ lvl 14 -
-Pajaro♂ lvl 15 -
-Oruga♂ lvl 13 -
-Petirrojo♂ lvl 14 -
-Hada♀  lvl 11 -
-Lagartija ♀ lvl 10 - 12
-Conejo ♀ lvl 8 -


Nixly has started a donation pool!
0 / 2,396
to get a premium membership :)

I will draw for donations too ^^
Digital is more costly then traditional.
I ask about 50 points for a finished drawing of 1 or 2 chars (depending on how complicated) +10 points for a background.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well what can I say ...
I love animals, nature and fantasy. I like reading, books, historical, romance and fantasy.
I draw with whatever materials I have. I like water paint, aquarel pencils, pencils, and I'm learning to paint with SAI, and I use a Bamboo tablet.
I photograph in my free time, and I know, I'm not good. Don't have a good camera either.
Please don't thank me for faves. Your art was so good, that I faved it, you deserved it. And I consider references art, your photograph was so good, I faved it. No need to thank me

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